Liverpool Supporters’ Clubs have their say on 2018/19

By Dave Davis – @DaveD0106

The fans have always been at the heart of Liverpool Football Club, and they have never been shy of giving their opinions on a range of subjects.

Keeping in that spirit, we asked official supporters clubs around the world the big questions about how we’ll get on this season and which signings will have the biggest impact.

There were different opinions from various parts of the world – we spoke to Edinburgh and Glasgow branches in Scotland, our Kolhapur and Pune branches in India and Charlotte from the USA.

Here’s what they had to say:

How do you think we will do in all competitions this season?

Simon Gillis (President, Edinburgh): “Needless to say, but a top-four finish in the league is a must. With a good start to the season and with the signings made in the summer, finishing second is well within our reach if not challenging for the title.

“Both the domestic cups ended up being a ‘damp squib’ last year, with third and fourth round exits. This year, however, the cups are probably our best chance of silverware, and a good run should be on the cards: Carabao quarter-finalists and FA Cup winners.

“The minimum ‘requirement’ for the Champions League would be at least the last 16, if not the quarter-finals, but if we continue last year’s form into this season I don’t see why making the final again isn’t possible.”

Kolhapur: “Everyone is expecting us to give real fight to Man City in the league and if we manage to keep momentum we have good chance for the Premier League.This time we will be considered genuine challengers for the UCL also. Special nights are back at Anfield and we are yet to get knocked out in two legs in Europe under Jurgen Klopp.

“Considering that we will be fighting for the UCL and PL, it would be very interesting if we give priority to FA and Carabao Cups, though any silverware right now would be a huge boost for us.”

Charlotte: “We’re finally going to get some silver this year. Klopp knows that the fans crave it so he’ll want to make it happen for us.

“Rival fans are already complaining that we’re trying to buy the league, which is funny, and wrong, but I hope their predictions are right. I also think fans should book their rooms in Madrid for May.”

Which youngster do you think will ‘break through’ this season?

Glasgow: “I don’t really see any of the academy players breaking through but I’m looking forward to watching Trent progressing further this season.”

Pune: “I was impressed by a few of the guys (in pre-season), including Nat Phillips and Ben Woodburn, but I guess it will be Curtis Jones.”

Edinburgh: “With quite a few being farmed out on loan, and with more ‘established’ recruits coming in, I think it will be tough for any youngster to make a major mark in the league squad, but Curtis Jones or Rafa Camacho should get good cup game time and shine.”

Which new signing will have the biggest impact?

Kolhapur: “Alisson could be the signing that will help us to create gap between rivals and us. If we manage to take up number of clean sheets this season, we are surely going a level above than last year.”

Glasgow: “We’ve made some really good signings but I think Alisson will make the biggest impact – hopefully a calming influence on those in front of him. Keita is the one I’m looking forward to seeing the most though.”

Pune: “Fabinho without any doubt, we always needed a proper holding midfielder.”

Charlotte: “If anybody says anything other than Naby Keita, they need to have their head examined.

“Yes, Alisson is huge and people may be under-valuing Fabinho, but NK8 is going to be our Kante and will be a major reason why our bird gets back on its perch as champions of England and Europe.”


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