‘If Origi scores I’ll get a Divock tattoo’: Reds fan sticks to his word after Belgian’s Derby winner

By Daniel Moxon – @dmoxon_

Everyone was at least a little stunned when forgotten man Divock Origi nodded in a winning goal for Liverpool at Anfield’s famous Kop End in the 96th minute of the Merseyside Derby.

Whether it was just the bizarre nature of the goal – Virgil van Dijk’s long range swipe was certainly not meant to be fumbled by Jordan Pickford, bounce off the bar twice and onto Origi’s forehead – or the fact that such an important goal came from such an unlikely source, it guaranteed the Belgian striker’s place in Anfield’s rich history.

All this from a man who, when spotted preparing to come on as Liverpool’s final substitute in the Merseyside Derby, was ridiculed on social media as a large proportion of Reds fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration at manager Jurgen Klopp’s decision.

One man, however, has a permanent reminder of his fury over what he – and most others – believed to be the German’s ill-conceived substitution plans.

Twitter user @ForeverRed98 – real identity unknown – took to the social media site and said: “If Origi scores I’ll get a Divock tattoo.”

He must have been a little worried as Roberto Firmino’s replacement skipped past a defender like he wasn’t there just minutes after coming on, and he likely had his heart in his mouth when, just 45 seconds later, he missed a golden opportunity when he hit the post from just a few yards out.

As the game went deeper into injury time he, like Everton fans, must have thought the danger had passed, but then van Dijk swung, Pickford missed, Origi nodded and suddenly Twitter was making sure that he wouldn’t forget his promise – at the time of writing, the original tweet has more than 2,200 retweets and 8,500 likes.

At first, @ForeverRed98 acknowledged what he had said and asked for patience, saying: “Give me a couple of weeks, stay tuned.”

But on Tuesday morning, less than 48 hours after Origi put him in something of a tight spot, he provided an update, sharing a screenshot of a conversation with a tattoo parlour in which he had booked a session for that afternoon.

Eight hours later, and at 7pm he shared a photograph of the tattoo on his right thigh, reading ‘D1VOCK’ in black, red and blue ink, showing that he had stuck to his word.

The Kopite has approached @ForeverRed98 for comment.

The reaction

Safe to say, his actions went down well with other Twitter users, with many replying to voice their amazement and commend him for following-through:


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