Ramirez Rumour Roundup: Origi a Kane replacement for Spurs and Immobile to join Liverpool?

By Matt Ramirez – @Matt_J_Ramirez

It’s that time of the week. Time for number six in this eight-part rumour review. Woop woop sexy number six.

Last week we hadn’t had a win in 2019 and all that was being linked to us were defenders. Well, since then we’ve beaten Brighton, Gomez and Matip look on the mend and we aren’t being linked with a single defensive signing – on the contrary the only mention of a defender is outgoing.

It must be mentioned that earlier in the week there was speculation revolving the recalling of Nathaniel Clyne. However, that has since been rubbished, with the most recent reports highlighting that there is no such recall clause entered in the agreement between Liverpool and Bournemouth. With that out the way, let’s begin.

Transfers in:

Phillipe Coutinho – Barcelona – Here we go again with Phil. If reports are to be believed, then Cou is unhappy at the Catalan club. It is believed that Ernesto Valverde has lost faith with the Brazilian’s ability to play in the centre of midfield and thus the only option for Coutinho in the Barca line-up is out on the wing. This would usually be ok, but the resurgence of Ousmane Demebele has seen the former Liverpool number 10 essentially eat bench.

According to multiple sources, Coutinho is now angling for a move out of Catalonia and we are apparently interested – to be honest I can understand the interest, he is WORLD CLASS. The only issue at the moment is that Liverpool have changed their system since the start of the season and now, well, I’m not quite sure if there’s a starting spot for him – oh and there is that little hiccup of him forcing himself out of Liverpool only a year ago.

When he left, Klopp had built his squad around the lil Brazilian. Since his departure, Klopp’s squad has turned into one that is reliant on all players as opposed to one star-man – a collective working hard together for the good of the team – would Phil be suited to that?

More so there is the issue of a transfer fee – he’s not going to be cheap, in fact, Liverpool would need to break their transfer record to sign him. I’d love to have him back but I don’t think there is any meat to this rumour.


Nathan Redmond – Southampton – I think at this point journalists just find one of Southampton’s best performing players and just say we’re interested.

I don’t quite know what to say about this one, it kind of does make sense. Redmond is quite a decent winger on his day – he’s pacey, has a bit of trickery and gets the odd goal. Add to the fact that he’s not exactly going to cost Liverpool buckets of cash and you can start to see the reasoning behind the link.

Let’s not get things twisted, this lad would live on the bench at Anfield. He would be brought in strictly as cover because not even in his own dreams does he usurp any of our front three. And to be honest, there are worse options than Nathan Redmond to have coming off the bench… Lazar Markovic I’m looking at you.

Whether the rumour has any weight to it is unclear as of yet, but I for one would like this one to come true.


Weston McKennie – Schalke – I won’t say where I read this one, but let’s just say their name is very similar to ‘Maily Dirror’.

This is a proper lazy rumour, I feel like the lad (or lass, equality and all that) that wrote this, turned up to work and went: “Liverpool didn’t get Christian Pulisic. I know. It must mean that they want the other American kid playing in Germany” ….. No.

McKennie is a midfielder who is versatile enough to play in defence. He currently holds 36 appearances for Schalke in the Bundesliga and is touted as somewhat of an exciting prospect. That’s it. Count on him collecting more appearances for the Gelsenkirchen club because he isn’t coming here.


Ciro Immobile – Lazio – I don’t know how much truth there is to this one. All I can say with 100% certainty is that “Ciro Immobile wife” has been a more popular search term on google this week than “Ciro Immobile Liverpool” – now that doesn’t bode well for this link.

With this being said, apparently (take this with a pinch of salt), Kloppo is sending a scout to Italy this weekend in an attempt to gain the upper hand in securing the player. Immobile currently has 80 goals in 112 appearances for Lazio (what a baller) and would apparently only cost around £45million – not bad when you consider that Chelsea bought the walking doormat known globally as Alvaro Morata for around £60million.

Immobile would no doubt add fire power to an already destructive Liverpool attack. Having been linked with Timo Werner already this campaign, the addition of Immobile’s name makes it seem quite clear that Klopp is indeed looking to add another goal-scorer.

I can only assume that more news will come out regarding this after the weekend. In the meantime, it doesn’t seem too likely.


Transfers Out:

Divock Origi – Tottenham – What is it with every journalist and their dog seemingly wanting Origi to leave Liverpool in this window? It begs the question; do they enjoy ruining their reputations?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I don’t think he leaves in this window – in fact I don’t think he leaves in the next window either.

As has been mentioned before, big daddy Divock played a lot for Klopp when he first took over the club. Recently he’s been injured, but now he is back to full fitness and in my opinion, has usurped Daniel Sturridge as Klopp’s back-up strike – he’s not leaving.

Let’s be honest, the only reason he is being linked to Spurs is because Harry Kane is injured. Hard to believe that Origi is going to leave Liverpool to sit on Tottenham’s bench.

I say again, he’s not leaving.


Alberto Moreno and Daniel Sturridge -? – Let’s start with the fact – both these lads are out of contract in the Summer and nowhere near a regular starting XI spot.

In the case of Studge, his fall from grace has been tough to watch. Lethal alongside Luis Suarez, the England man has been a shadow of his former self. Unfortunately for ‘Dan the dancing man’, his time with Liverpool has been full of injuries and disappointments.

Let’s not get things twisted here, Sturridge is still an exceptional talent and more than capable of moments of brilliance – that goal at Stamford Bridge. But it’s looking like it’s time for both the club and the player to part ways. It’s unlikely, given his high wages, that he will receive a contract extension, therefore it’s looking probably that our number 15 will be moving on in the Summer when his contract is out.

Regarding the defender that can’t defend, the situation is almost identical. Alberto Moreno arrived on Merseyside with lots of potential – and to give credit to the kid he wasn’t half bad, actually he was quite good.

It’s hard to remember him for anything other than his mistakes, but prior to his implosion in the Europa League Final against Sevilla, Moreno was a more than capable left-back. Unfortunately for the Spaniard, he now has to compete with the freak of nature that is Andy Robertson, and it’s safe to say he’s nowhere near.

Moreno has made it quite clear that his time on Merseyside is up and he wishes to leave the club. It’s unlikely that Klopp will allow the Spaniard to leave in January given how important this season is turning out to be. Much like Studge however, Moreno is out of contract in the Summer, and an extension just isn’t going to happen.



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