Importance of Liverpool’s ’12th man’ at Anfield summed up by Twitter user’s rousing post

By Daniel Moxon – @dmoxon_

A Twitter user’s post asking Liverpool supporters attending the next home games to turn up the atmosphere has captured the imagination of Kopites on the social media site.

@tedthered77, who has been attending home games for 47 years, posted a rousing cry for support from fans attending the match against Bournemouth on Saturday afternoon, asking the Anfield faitful to really get behind the team.

There are worries that the team is low on confidence after disappointing results in the last two games against Leicester City and West Ham United, so Ted’s battle cry comes at a time when a larger-than-usual show of support may give the team an extra push.

But what made Ted post this speech at all?

“Mainly due to the nerves that were evident at the last home game against Leicester,” he told The Kopite, “The anxiousness of the crowd clearly affected the team.

“I’ve witnessed what a fully supportive Anfield can do over the years and its needed now more than ever.

” Anfield with the crowd behind it is a sight to behold but, because the fan base is so diluted now – with hospitality and membership schemes – it’s a different crowd nearly every game and a lot of them aren’t supporting, so it’s up to those of us who have been there in title chases before to guide them.”

There is often a debate in football as to the validity of the so-called ’12th man’, with some arguing that professionals – particularly those playing at an elite level – should have all the motivation they need to perform at the highest standard, but Ted knows from experience just what effect a vocal and supportive crowd can have on the men on the pitch.

He said: “I’ve seen first-hand what [the 12th man] can do to the team at Anfield. When Anfield is alive it is worth an extra goal.

“I’ve witnessed memorable nights because of it, especially St Etienne in ’77 and Chelsea in ’05 – the ‘12th man’ played a significant role in Liverpool winning both of those games.”

With Liverpool’s recent slip in form, title rivals Manchester City have closed the gap that once stood at seven points just a few weeks ago, and now they are level on points having played a game more than the Reds.

When asked for his opinion on the current situation, Ted said: “Well it is what it is. Injuries to key players hasn’t helped the situation but, to be level with this City team with a game in hand is a great position to be in, and it’s still in our own hands.

“This is a young, developing team so to be in this position is fantastic. Of course a bigger points gap would have been better but let’s just accept it and push on.

“[Winning the Premier League this season] would be up there with some of our biggest achievements. This would definitely be on a par with our other league titles and, if I’m being honest, it may even surpass them.”

Twitter reaction

Other Twitter users responded extremely positively to Ted’s post, with many praising him for speaking out and rallying the Anfield faithful to really get behind the team at a time where there is some unwelcome negativity circulating.

Ted’s post garnered more than 500 retweets and 1,300 likes, while more than 100 people took the time to comment.

Here are some of the best:


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