Farley fun on The Kopite Podcast as Gerrard, Carragher, Rodgers and more are brought to life

By Daniel Moxon – @dmoxon_

The latest guest on The Kopite Podcast left a big impression on listeners as the excellent Darren Farley was in the booth for Episode 8.

The 33-year-old delighted everyone – not least presenters Matt Ramirez and Mick Moran – with his uncanny repertoire of voices, acts and impressions of some of football’s most famous personalities.

Through Darren’s help, the likes of Brendan Rodgers, Rafa Benitez, Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard feature on this week’s episode, with the Liverpool-born entertainer also competing – of sorts – with Mick to see who could better bring to life Gerrard’s voice and Carragher’s laugh!

Farley talked to the lads in the booth about where it all began, his career so far and how he goes about his business, while also looking ahead to Liverpool’s upcoming Premier League clash with bitter rivals Manchester United on Sunday.

On the Red Devils, he said: [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] has gone in and he’s done well, he’s done what’s been asked of him. They’re a club with a lot of confidence at the moment, but I still fancy the Reds to go and do a job on them, but it’s not going to be the game we all thought it might be a couple of months ago.

“Liverpool have got the potential to blow United away. They’ve had a couple of great games – against Spurs was a great result, though De Gea was outstanding. PSG clawed them back to reality but to go to Chelsea and get that kind of result and bounce back, but I think it’s very false because of what’s gone on with Mourinho.

“Everyone’s buzzing, but once a couple of things go wrong, like losing to Liverpool, if we give them a bit of a hiding, it’s obviously going to get the fans on him. A couple of bad results, and [Solskjaer] hasn’t got the experience to get out of it.”

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A huge thank you to Darren for taking the time to join us this week.






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