Watford wonders and Goodison gripes discussed on The Kopite Podcast

By Mick Moran – @m1cklfc

It’s episode 10 of The Kopite podcast!

Hosts Matt Ramirez and Mick Moran chewed the fat over the recent frustrating display at Goodison Park – Matt was heavily on the alcohol on holiday in Berlin, so it was left to Mick to summarise the performance which felt like a missed opportunity.

The lads went on the discuss the scintillating performance against Watford and discussed why the home form needs to remain at a very high level to ensure our chances of getting our hands on that Premier League trophy are as good as they can be.

The duo also looked ahead to Burnley on Sunday and predicted how the game could play out with score predictions.

A new quiz segment was added to this week’s with Matt quizzing Mick on some recent Liverpool trivia. Let us know how you think he got on!

We also answered your questions including the use of VAR and how it needs to be streamlined to be more effective, do divers need harsher punishments and how many Hobnobs is too many Hobnobs among many others!

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