Burnley, Bayern and Ripping Ramirez on The Kopite Podcast

By Mick Moran – @m1cklfc

In episode 11 of The Kopite podcast co-hosts Matt Ramirez and Mick Moran are joined by RedMenTV’s Ross Chandley.

The lads first talked about the Burnley performance. Lallana’s performance was discussed and how he must keep up that type of level to stake his claim for a more regular place. Burnley’s first goal was also touched upon and the baffling Alisson foul and how it was allowed to stand.

We looked ahead to the Bayern game and who we’d pick in our midfield three with the missing injured Naby Keita not being a part of the squad.

The lads also covered some Twitter took on your questions:

Ross then talked about his starting up and how he came be part of the Redmen team, progressing now to being a full-time part of the set-up.

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We’d like to thank Ross very much for taking the time to come on the podcast.





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