The Kopite in contention for Best New Creator at Football Blogging Awards – but we need your help

By Daniel Moxon – @dmoxon_

I hope you will indulge me, but I wanted to use my column to talk about our work so far and where we want to go.

From the moment that we started The Kopite last summer, one of the short-term aims for our first year was to earn a nomination for Best New Creator at the Football Blogging Awards in 2019.

Here we are, eight months later, and the voting has now opened – this is the point where we humbly ask for your help to make our dreams a reality.

We started this website with the aim of doing something different – we didn’t want to recycle news articles and just put our byline on things made and sourced by others, but we wanted to bring something fresh.

Instead, we publish unique features, opinion, match content, interviews and quizzes with our own brand and take.

We also launched The Kopite Podcast in January, where we discuss everything Liverpool with an array of guests, including (so far) the likes of impressionist Darren Farley, journalist Jack Sear, Anfield HQ owner Oliver Bond and Redmen TV’s Chris Pajak among many others, and we have more huge names coming up in the future. The Kopite Podcast is free to listen to and is available via Spotify, iTunes podcasts and our YouTube channel.

An important part of this project was also to give young, aspiring journalists an opportunity to get some bylines and hone their skills with us.

This is the proudest point, for me, as I get to work with some very talented stars of the future and give them a platform from which they can go on to do some great things in the future.

As a co-owner and the website editor, I personally spend a few hours every day writing, editing and publishing content on the site, as well as maintaining social channels to bring up-to-the minute news, as well as balancing a full-time job as a journalist and an extraordinarily patient better half.

I’ve poured my heart and my soul into this project, and am lucky to have an incredibly talented and dedicated team of partners, writers, social media admin and designers alongside me, without whom we would have achieved nothing.

For all the time, effort and talent that we all, together, have poured into The Kopite, I believe that we are deserving of this award – I, of course, am biased, but I hope that you like what we do and that you will cast your vote.

To nominate The Kopite for a Football Blogging Award, all you have to do is click on the ‘VOTE’ button to the right – as soon as you do your nomination will be registered with The FBA’s and you do not have to fill in any personal details.

You can also tweet…

“I am voting for @TheKopiteOFF in @TheFBAs for #BestNewCreator”

…which will add an extra vote.

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you continue to enjoy our content.



By Reds, for Reds. We are The Kopite.

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