Who’s the REAL king in the north? What if LFC players were Game of Thrones characters?

By Scott Mason – @ScottMason00

The Premier League season has concluded and, unfortunately for Liverpool, it is Manchester City who sit upon the Premier League throne.

However, there is another fight for royalty still yet to come – the battle for the Iron Throne.

In the spirit of Game of Thrones and the Premier League concluding within a week of each other, what characters would each member of the 18/19 Liverpool squad be if they were in the fictional world of Westeros.

WARNING: Like Winter, spoilers may be coming

Alisson – The Wall: Struggled to come up with a character for the Brazilian shot stopper so decided that he would be an inanimate object, The Wall. Alisson has been a revelation since signing for the Reds and is effectively impassible in goal for Liverpool. Let’s just hope that Liverpool’s Premier League rivals don’t invest in an army of white walkers this summer…

Alexander-Arnold – Samwell Tarly: Samwell is one of the smartest characters in Game of Thrones and is also a member of the Night’s Watch who help protect The Wall. Trent has shown his clever thinking this season, particularly that corner against Barcelona whilst also protecting our wall.

Van Dijk – Ser Gregor Clegane: Ser Gregor Clegane aka “The Mountain” is a tall and brute force in Game of Thrones where nobody will get in his way. Sounds like our colossus at the back Virgil doesn’t it? However, there are noticeable differences between the two as our No.4 certainly isn’t as vicious as Ser Gregor.

Matip – Ser Sandor Clegane: Often overlooked as a quality centre back due to his partner van Dijk. The Hound, whilst being a phenomenal warrior is also overlooked due to the sheer size and force of his brother “The Mountain”. He’s also a bit nicer.

Robertson – Bran Stark: Bran, who later becomes the Three Eyed Raven, can see everything. Robertson must have some of that Three Eyed Raven vision as his crosses are extremely accurate.

Fabinho – Zombie Wun Wun: Wun Wun was the Giant that broke down the gates of Winterfell. A dominant destroyer just like Fabinho is in the middle of the park. I get the feeling, though, that it would take a lot more than a jumped-up little rich girl like Lyanna Mormont to stop our Fab.

Henderson – Robb Stark: Robb was a great leader but unfortunately for him was overshadowed by the leadership skills of his predecessor, his father Ned Stark. Similarly, Hendo has been a fantastic captain for Liverpool but is often unfairly compared to Reds legend Steven Gerrard.

Wijnaldum – The Night King: The Night King is ice cold, just like the Dutchman if you follow his Instagram. This time last year he would have been Daenerys, just because he used to go missing whenever you needed him.

Salah – Jon Snow: Jon Snow, the main hero in Game of Thrones. Salah is like Jon in many ways, and it’s not just the curly black hair. Salah on many occasions has been Liverpool’s saviour and, like Jon, has saved his team multiple times. Salah and Jon also possess many similar personality traits such as being humble and showing no fear. Not to mention they’re both kings in their own right!

Firmino – Lord Petyr Baelish: Lord Baelish, more commonly known as “Littlefinger”, is a conniving character who at most times goes under the radar. “Littlefinger” while not being at the forefront as much as the other characters is constantly pulling strings and putting events in motion. Our Brazilian No.9 in a way also goes unnoticed compared to our other attackers Mane and Salah and is often the key to our attacks. He is usually the player who wins the ball back or creates space for other players. In this respect Firmino, like Petyr Baelish, is pulling the strings for Liverpool.

Mane – Arya Stark: Light, quick, and agile. Mane and Arya share many traits. The main one being that they usually provide a killer finish. The smallest Stark honed her assassin skills in the foreign, little-known land of Essos, much like Sadio’s early career in Austria. Nowadays, both are deadlier than Cersei Lannister after three cups of wine.

Lovren – Daenerys Targaryen: Far too consumed by his own ability, Dejan Lovren’s best comparison is the Mother of Dragons. She loves Jon as Dejan loves Mo Salah, though the feeling is not mutual. Seems good at times, but has the tendency to go on a mad spell and ruin everything.

Keita – Syrio Forel: Syrio was a swordsman who was quick, agile and light on his feet. He was quite good in close quarters combat. Keita is a player who excels in tight spaces and is also extremely agile and light on his feet and in this way resembles the swordsman Syrio Forel. Naby taught Sadio everything he knows at Salzburg, much like Syrio’s lessons for Arya.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – Podrick Payne: The Ox and Pod are both charismatic people who take advice and criticism on the chin. When the English midfielder was told to shoot more by Klopp, he did just that. The two are also fan favourites.

Moreno – Ramsay Bolton: We are first introduced to Ramsay as a likeable character who agrees to retake Winterfell in the name of the Starks. Ramsay later shows his true colours, and Westeros was better without him. Moreno’s Liverpool career has followed a similar trajectory.

Origi – Benjen Stark: Like Origi, Benjen’s appearances are limited. However, when the Stark beyond the wall does show up, he provides a huge service, saving everyone just in the nick of time.

Milner – Bronn: Sarcastic, loves having a laugh whilst also cracking some hilarious jokes. James Milner on Twitter sounds quite similar. Need I say more? Call him Ser Jimbo of the f***ing Blackwater.

Mignolet – Jorah Mormont: Jorah is loyal to his queen Daenerys and is constantly wanting her to succeed even when he was dropped from her army. Mignolet in a way is like this for Liverpool. Despite only making two appearances all season, he is constantly showing his support on social media for the team. A loyal servant if every there was one.

Gomez – Lyanna Mormont: Gomez and Lyanna are both young but the pair have high potential. Gomez has the potential to be one of the best centre backs whilst Lyanna has shown her potential to be one of the best leaders in Westeros. Joe would fare a lot better against a giant attacker, though.

Shaqiri – Tyrion Lannister: Shaq is Tyrion for no reason other than his height. I reckon he likes a cup of wine or two as well, though his thoughts on prostitution are unknown.

Lallana – Gendry: Gendry in the opening seasons of Game of Thrones was an important character just like Lallana was an integral part of Klopp’s squad. However, in later seasons there is no sign of the young blacksmith until recently, also like Adam Lallana who has rarely made an appearance for Liverpool of late.

Sturridge – Robert Baratheon: Robert was one of the best warriors in the whole of Westeros but unfortunately after becoming King lost his stamina, speed and agility. Sturridge was one of the best strikers in the Premier League but because of injury also lost his stamina, speed and agility. Robert’s reign was doomed to end, as is Sturridge’s time at Anfield.


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