Is spending for the sake of spending wrong for Liverpool this summer?

By Lewis Rooke – @LV_Rooke

Following the close of most seasons, Liverpool have gone into the transfer window knowing exactly what and who is required to improve the side for the upcoming campaign. However, this window throws up a new dilemma – how and where exactly do we improve?

Jurgen Klopp and those before him have consistently been partaking in varying degrees of rebuilding jobs – how do Liverpool go from Europa League to Champions League? How do Liverpool go from fourth to title challengers? How do Liverpool fight on both European and Premier League fronts?

The difference is, that this season, those questions have been answered. Having accumulated an obscene amount of points in the Premier League – enough that it would have won the title in all but the last two campaigns, as well as reaching the Champions League final where we go in as strong favourites, the truth is there really isn’t much higher to go.

The obvious course of action when arriving at a transfer window is to try hoover up every player with reasonable ability or with a bargain price tag – there’s hardly any better feelings in football than receiving a shiny new toy to play with. But is this the right thing to do for Liverpool?

This squad has prided itself on it’s rhythm, players so in tune with the demands of the manager that they slip in and out of the team almost seamlessly. As we have seen before with Naby Keita, arguably the most in-demand midfielder in the world at the time of signing, you don’t just roll up to Anfield and walk into the team on reputation.

Without a great need to dis-harmonise an extremely tight-knit squad, Jurgen Klopp has a serious dilemma on his hands as to whether he feels the need to dip his toe in the transfer market. With no glaring weak spots in the side, it could be argued that if Liverpool were to indulge in marquee transfers they could be spending purely for the sake of spending.

While keeping up with Manchester City is priority number one, I believe that this squad does not need to be heavily tampered with in order to push the free spending Citizens to the limit once again. If anything, Jurgen Klopp may well be looking at adding depth as opposed to disturbing the first team lineup.

The question then switches to who? Who in world football wants to come into side with the knowledge they will not be guaranteed a first team spot? Coupled with Jurgen Klopp’s relentless pursuit of players with impeccable attitude and commitment, that narrows it down to an extremely small pool of talent.

With potential cut-price deals for Hakim Ziyech and Nabil Fekir being whispered about in hush tones, it seems as if Liverpool are not willing to part with major money this summer – and this, for me at least, is a wise move. There is absolutely no major need for the Reds to be aiming for an admittedly heart fluttering bank-breaker of a signing.

We are on the cusp of greatness with this Liverpool side, let’s ensure we stay firmly on that path.

But what do you think? Let us know who you think Liverpool should make a move for.


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