Suárez or Torres? Hyypia or Riise? The VERY difficult ‘who scored more LFC goals’ quiz!

By Daniel Moxon – @dmoxon_

Sometimes, I can be mean.

And to satisfy my evil urges, I’ve created a quiz for you!

“How could a nice, enjoyable quiz be evil?” I hear you ask… Well, to put it simply, it’s very, very difficult.

No fewer than 452 people have scored at least one goal for Liverpool FC. For every Anthony Le Tallec and Dominic Solanke – both of whom only managed to hit the back of the net once in Red – there is an Ian Rush, who marked a club-record 346.

But there are also plenty in between, and a number who scored more than you’d think while plying their trade at Anfield.

In contrast, there are some players who are remembered very fondly by fans, but didn’t score many in their time at the club. Xabi Alonso only actually scored 19 times for Liverpool! In comparison, the much-maligned Adam Lallana has 21 and counting…

It raises an interesting question – how many less-celebrated have scored more LFC goals than others who are regarded as legends?

There are quite a few, and some of them are in this quiz. Also, there are some high-profile names that have scored similar numbers to others – they are in here too.

So, take a few minutes out of your day to have a go! There are 12 questions, and anything over eight correct is a seriously strong effort.

Good luck! And don’t forget to send us your scores on social media!


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