The Anfield Wrap star Gareth Roberts guest stars on The Kopite Podcast

Hosts Mick Moran and Jay Pearson welcomed Gareth Roberts from The Anfield Wrap on to The Kopite podcast to discuss the Reds’ recent fortunes.

The lads discussed the great away victory at Aston Villa, dissecting the performance of Sadio Mané and why the criticism levied at him from Pep Guardiola will only fire him up for the upcoming clash against Manchester City on Sunday.

They went on to discuss Fabinho’s absence, how it affected the team and how Adam Lallana performed in his stead.  The trio then glided over the 2-1 Genk win and talked about how the game felt like a warm-up to the main event on Sunday. 

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Manchester City were the main topic of conversation — the boys argued over who will start out of Dejan Lovren and Joe Gomez and whether Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain deserves a place in the starting XI after recent excellent performances

The guys then finished with Robbo telling us about his start into the fan media arena and how his ‘Well Red’ fanzine helped shape and push his popularity among LFC fans. Our guest star went on to discuss the fortunes of The Anfield Wrap and how fan-driven content will always be welcomed.

We’d like to thank Robbo for taking the time to come on the Kopite podcast!

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Mick Moran

29-year-old LFC fan. Podcast host for The Kopite, midfield maestro for Alumni FC and Jordan Henderson connoisseur.

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