Liverpool 0-0 Real Madrid: Ratings as Reds exit Europe

DON KOPLEONE rates the Liverpool players after they showed fight and desire, but exited Europe after a goalless draw at Anfield.

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Too little, too late.

Liverpool dominated the second leg of their Champions League quarter-final at home to Real Madrid, but never managed to break the deadlock, chasing a two-goal comeback.

The Spanish giants defended well in all fairness, and their attacking damage had been done in the first leg defeat.

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Liverpool created chances from the word go: Mohamed Salah failed to convert a key chance within the first two minutes of the contest.

But- with their finishing boots nowhere to be found- it just became clear as the game progressed that Jürgen Klopp’s side had really let themselves down in the first leg.

Had we seen this performance in Madrid, we might be talking about an impending semi-final.

As it is, we need to focus on being in this terrific tournament again come September.

Your ratings, after an impressive, but ultimately disappointing showing:

Starting XI

Ali 7 – Did enough when Vinicius appeared to be through in the second half.

Trent 8.5 – Committed everything to carrying Liverpool to the semi-final, creating chance after chance after chance. Defensive work was infallible, too. Man of the match, loss or not.

Natty P 7.5 – Slipped when Benzema’s deflected shot hit the post early on, but otherwise did all you could ask, and distributed notably well.

OK 7 – Unlucky to be taken off after an impressive hour.


Robbo 6.5 – Final ball was never quite there, unlike the attacking intent.

Gini 6 – Couple of bright first half moments may have warranted the Dutchman’s inclusion, but he was anonymous second half.

Fab 7 – Not quite the vintage performance à la Barcelona 4-0, but won the ball back enough to instigate a comeback.

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Milly 7 – Very much justified his starting place from the first-minute snap-tackle on Benzema onward. Denied a long-range goal by a brilliant Courtois save in the first half.

Mo 6 – Generally high standard of performance from the Egyptian, but should have bagged himself two goals, if not more.

Bobby 6.5 – Equally might have found an opener, without missing the gilt-edged chance that Salah squandered early.


Sadio 6 – Looked well up for the occasion during the first 30 minutes, but massively underwhelmed in the second half.


Diogoal 5.5 – Did not do enough.

ThiaGOAT 7 – Couple of incisive passes threatened to unlock the Madrid defence.

Ox 6.5 – Took 10 minutes to bed-in before a bright couple of moments in injury time.

Little Shaq 6.5 – Willed for a shooting opportunity, but never found one.

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