Do Liverpool need a marquee signing like Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland?

Everyone yearns for that superstar in their team. A Lionel Messi, a Neymar, or a Cristiano Ronaldo. But as we slowly and sadly phase these legends out, the focus is put on the next generation. The likes of Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé – the ones leaving the trail of fire in whichever stadium they tread.

This is not written out of boredom — it’s to tackle this constant #Mbappe[insert year] talk that excites the fanbase for something that could or could not be light years away from an announcement.

Liverpool are up there with the alphas of Europe. Lots of money or none at all, we are dining at the top table. We are an attractive destination for any player. But since recent dialogue, it could be argued that money is something we need more of to be able to really call it a destination for these players.

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After all, the Reds cannot compete with the oil-generated billions of Manchester City and Chelsea.

But a habit of ours, unlike some of Europe’s elite, is that we generally do not spirng for big-name, spectacular signings. To some this might be used as an excuse for seldom spending big money, but it’s clear that in Liverpool we polish rough diamonds – Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson and Luis Suárez to name but a few.

Wage hierarchy is also a crucial matter at Liverpool. It’s a precious, fragile ecosystem that is crucial to the dynamics of the squad. A problem with bringing in a superstar would be their probable demand for high wages – reports speculate that the likes of Mbappé and Haaland are earning several hundred thousand per week.

Whether you like it or not, the Anfield club is not going to throw £500,000p/w at a player. Any player.

Perhaps this is just a tradition at Liverpool, looking after the players who are already doing it for us – we’ve never been a glitz-and-glamour club, full of Galacticos like Real Madrid once were, or playing real-life fantasy football like Paris Saint-Germain seem to be able to.

Let me be clear and point out that the French and Norwegian duo are players that make my mouth water when thinking of them in a red shirt. But is bringing them to Liverpool entirely justifiable from a financial perspective? Especially with the fairly recent recruitment of Diogo Jota for £40m, who certainly isn’t a player to go to waste.

Their next transfers could well define their careers, which is why this subject can be tough. Now is, really, the best time to try and sign these lads, while it is still in any way realistic.


But with the Liverpool transfer gurus unlikely to fancy shelling out £100m+ for one such player, the transfer has it’s doubts.

It’s worth pointing out the commercial benefits that would come with recruiting one of the two princes of Europe. Shirt sales and merchandising alone would bring in a pretty penny, and there’s a fair chance we would also earn some of the fee back by catching the eye of more investors and sponsors.

In whole, the matter is based on maintaining squad hierarchy – though there’s no ruling out a possible financial disadvantage against other clubs.

Even if Liverpool did decide to go all-out to buy a global megastar, there’s a good chance they simply may not have the financial muscle to compete with the likes of PSG and Manchester City.

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